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    I'm not a GoDaddy fan but....
    I have to admire what GoDaddy is doing for NASCAR. I am not a fan at all of GoDaddy hosting, but I *am* a Danica Patrick fan and I'm glad she is racing in NASCAR. Her first stock car race was the Daytona ARCA race (not really NASCAR) and she was able to avoid wrecks and finish. Her first Nationwide race was last weekend in Daytona also, and she got collected up in a big wreck and was unable to finish. Today she finished, and not quite last She's doing what needs to be done to become a great stock car driver, which is quite a change from the open wheel cars she is used to driving.

    Love her or hate her, she is bringing new fans to stock car races, hopefully people that will become race fans now. In this economy Bob Parsons could have cut back instead of expanded his sponsorship in racing, and in doing so he is getting great press for his company AND giving a sport a boost. Some women are offended by her sexy image and commercials, some men don't take her seriously. I think by the end of this season, she'll be established as one of the best and the naysayers will be changing their tune.

    There are male NASCAR drivers that use their looks in their commercials... Kasey Kahne comes to mind...

    Something else interesting to follow in NASCAR this season is the driver that has no sponsors that is using affiliate marketing to fund his season. Joe Nemachek. So far people checking out his site are confused by his choices for products to promote. Something to keep an eye on though!
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    And she's HOT!

    Go Danica -

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    Totally agree Loxly. She certainly has given NASCAR a shot in the arm. I'm not a big race fan either but I enjoyed watching her ARCA race, especially when she when side to side with a couple of the boys.

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    Gotta say I agree with Debbie and Joey (and, yes, even RMG) on this one. Danica is doing a lot to involve new people in the sport in a big way. I have two close friends who are huge NASCAR fans/nuts - one adores Danica and one hates her.

    I am not a big race fan, NASCAR, Indy or whatever. BUT we have a slight chance to get involved as a sponsor (GirlyChecks, that is) for a young lady who is beginning to make a mark in some small track racing across the US. The possibility exists, small as it may be, to provide some sponsorship for a few hundreds of dollars at this level (instead of hundreds of thousands at the major league level). We will follow up - up to a point. It would be rather cool to have one of those life-size photo cutouts of "her" standing at our Meet Market table in New York - with one of our GirlyChecks buttons on her nomex suit.
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    For whatever reason, people don't take her seriously because she's "hot". It will be fun to watch her show people that "hot" doesn't mean conceited or untalented.

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    Some people don't take her seriously because of her nude/semi-nude pictorials in SI and other mens magazines.

    Only time will tell if she can drive a stock car.

    Personally, I hope she can. Maybe she'll open the door for some of the great women drivers that can't get the support and rides that they deserve.


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