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    WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2004--ValueClick Media, the online advertising and direct marketing division of ValueClick, Inc. (Nasdaq:VCLK), today announced the launch of ChannelSearch, an innovative package that enables advertisers to leverage the power of both contextually-targeted ads and search in one performance-based buy.

    ChannelSearch simplifies the online media buying and management process, while providing advertisers with access to two of the most powerful online marketing channels. Based on a flat-rate cost-per-click (CPC) pricing structure, ChannelSearch delivers targeted visitors through a combination of distribution methods, including:

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    No longer can the affiliate industry management distance themselves from the mass advertising mindset of the DMA/IAB as the coop has been completed. DoubleClick and ValueClick could give a rats ass about the common domain bound affiliate as all moves in 3 years have marginalized this group of whiners. Only chance all along for the whiners like me was to couple up with the force that can cut these Ad Whores off at the knees.

    The consumers and internet shoppers control ecommerce with their mouse and demand control of their privacy and computer systems from BHO's, Dupers and info peddlers. My take is the only way the major networks will take a pro-domain-bound stance is if the FTC and Fed laws make them stop monitizing BHO drive-by/bundlers -spammers -telemarketers and the privacy info/clickstream peddlers. That won't happen as 80% of all the AM's are 100% reliant on BHO hijackers and the Dupers fronting for DMA/IAB members and the tricks for clicks affiliates.

    About time for a Safe Haven network to appear adding a TOS that eliminates both the affiliate and merchant games. That UK network TD has a nice outline for ground rules but doesn't address merchant diversion tactics and force true high conversion ratio leading to higher promotion income.
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    blah blah blah

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    The advertising / marketing industry is absorbing Affiliate Marketing. Why? Because we are in the advertising field.

    Ad Whores?!!! We all employ ads to get sales. Textual or graphic, an ad's, an ad. SE listings are ads too. Does that make us an Ad Whore?

    Time for you to embrace the Dark Side and use ads too. Create Brand Recognition. Increase sales.
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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