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This post is to let you know that Real Subliminal have just launched 4 new albums covering a variety of areas including success and confidence:

1. Improve Visualization Ability. Visualization can be an amazingly powerful tool. It can help you to create an image of your future for you to work towards and help you to reach your goals. When done properly visualization tricks the mind into thinking it is for real. This way the change is not so difficult to achieve for real as in your mind you have already been there.

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2. Forex Trading Success. Some people make thousands on the forex market daily, many live a millionaire lifestyle even! There is money to be made, but why is it that only a minority are able to get to this level; they make consistent profits overall and they seem natural.

The only difference between them and you is not in intelligence, or some natural born forex trading talent, but in your minds - your beliefs, ways of thinking, and thought patterns.

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3. Organization Skills. Some people seem to be naturally tidy and organized, while others - perhaps yourself - have trouble keeping a tidy desk, an organized house, and are always losing things.

If this is you then don't worry. You do not have to be this way forever. The only difference between you and these people who are naturally organized is in your mind. In the way your mind works, your thought processes, and how your mind organizes information.

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4. Learn To Say No. It is good to say yes, and be open to opportunity, and we are certainly not suggesting you shut down, say no to everything and become negative - far from it! However there is a point where saying yes to everything becomes a problem, and if you can see yourself in any of the points above then you probably know this all too well.

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