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    Ban Shareasale
    Should Shareasale be banned from ABW?

    That question was raised in this thread. I understand that many of you respect the way in which Brian has done things, in the past, and this has cemented your view that he (and Shareasale) can do no wrong. Your first reaction would therefore be "No, Shareasale should not be banned. That's a ridiculous idea".

    But I'm afraid I see things a little different. If you look at the way in which Shareasale is run, with it's 'Wild West' mentality, you can't help but spot some glaring problems. Problems that would NEVER be tolerated by the ABW community, if they occurred on any other network.

    In order to keep this post short, I'll only address one issue now. That is, merchants dropping affiliates commissions to 0%. They do this to continue to get traffic through the Shareasale network, but don't have to pay a dime for it. This thread outlines the problem, I won't rehash it here, I'll just highlight a few comments from some well respected ABW people.

    Michael Coley said:

    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey
    Actually, I think it's probably worse with SAS than most other networks.
    And markwelch said:

    Quote Originally Posted by markwelch
    I agree with Michael: this is one area where ShareASale seems more vulnerable than some of the other networks, and I definitely agree that this is something ShareASale needs to address.
    And redtagdeals said:

    Quote Originally Posted by redtagdeals
    This sort of merchant quality issue is more prevalent in SAS than other networks.
    So, we have a clear PATTERN here. This is not an isolated incident. These types of things CONTINUE to happen at Shareasale, yet everyone just lets it get swept under the rug because it's Brian, and Sharesale, the network that can do no wrong.

    The Shareasale network is the place to go if you're a merchant and want to screw over affiliates.

    And what does Brian have to say about this?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian - ShareASale
    I agree that Merchants shouldn't be able to abuse the system sometimes it is just a fine line between making the system flexible and easy to use, and avoiding abuse.
    Great Brian, we agree, merchants should not be allowed to abuse the system. Then please Brian, do something, something soon, so that they CAN'T abuse the system.

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    You sure have a skill for quoting out of context to prove your point. You can criticize if you want, but a ban is not even worth discussing.

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    If you have an issue, raise and discuss the issue rationally.

    Moderator Note: I'm not going to tolerate this kind of disruptive, disrespectful, dramatic behavior (towards ANY network or member). Thread closed and ban warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IAmMe
    ......Then please Brian, do something, something soon, so that they CAN'T abuse the system.
    Already did - for those publishers/affiliates who keep an eye on their own affiliations. LINKY
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