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    There was an old thread on this, can't find it.

    It seems Blu-Ray Disc is TM but you can use Blu Ray alone I guess? I have an idea for a domain name but want to make sure first. And there's all kinds of sites with bluray in the domain. Wondering if it's like hd, high definition, plasma etc. regular words you can use.

    I guess it's ok -

    I went to -

    tried bluray nothing

    then blu ray and I get 13 results and don't understand any of it.

    For those that do check, do you use what I posted above or anything else?
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    It looks like they trademarked it with the hyphen only. I rely on tess to tell me what's already registered. What it doesn't show are applications in process, I don't think there is a place to see that.

    Live means it's a current trademark, dead means it was trademarked at one time and is now not.
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    The TM's are more likely to be used to ensure that the manufacturers producing blu-ray products comply with the associations rules, and to stop pirated players from bearing the logo.

    There appears to have never been a UDRP filed regarding the blu-ray TM (doing a quick search, not detailed) and there appears to be probably 5000 or so .com domains with "bluray" in them and 2000 or so with "blu-ray".

    So I wouldn't lose any sleep over setting up an affiliate site using that inthe domain name.

    BUT, I am not an attorney and this is NOT legal advice.

    Also, if you do end up being served a UDRP, there is a little known "out" where you agree with the complainant to surrender the domain name to them, and both parties notify the UDRP provider that the agreement has been reached and apply for suspension of the proceeding whilst transfer takes place. Once the name is transfered, the proceeding is terminated and the complainant receive a refund of most of the filing fee.*

    * Probably why it's not well known - the UDRP providers don't want proceedings terminated, they want them to proceed all the way so they get all their money and get to send out press releases scaring people about all the "cybersquatting" that is rife. Blah blah blah.

    But I digress.

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    Also found out about this site - WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization

    I was checking out some of the cases -

    Some of them are kinda crazy. Just looking over the .biz and what I consider generic words like boots, scuba diving, translations etc. people are filing complaints over.

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