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    I like being an affiliate so I can see what new tricks and strategies super affiliates and gurus are going to dream up to fleece the uninitiated and take advantage of newbies.

    I wrote an article called Affiliate Marketing - Experience Pays about 18 months ago. In it I drew attention to gurus who used affiliates as Cash Cows and captured us as customers on their mailing lists forever. Anyone else out there got a bad; or underhanded "Affiliate Experience" they would like to share?

    I am rather tired and annoyed at marketers selling products with all the hype and hoopla about how you need a certain vital SEO tool or secret software. And they use scare tactics. They go on about how if you do not buy it, you will never be able to compete.

    The competition will steal your campaigns and keywords at will. They will push your website off the first page of Google and out of the rankings. They will chew you up and spit you out.

    They brazenly warn you, you are either with us or against us? I can tell you that I and a lot of people can do all of that just using Good on-page and off page Seo optimization, on our websites or in our articles. I don't need an expensive piece of software to do it. Neither do you or anyone else?

    Also their is a ton of free software out there that you can run in your browser that will 'steal' the keywords used on anyone's website the moment their webpage loads.

    I have a shocking truth about these types of software. As they would tell it. This is the only software of its kind that can get you site page ranks, cost per click (CPC) keyword searches and accurate competition stats. They will show you how many back links a site has.

    They make a big deal about how you can see all the holes and faults in their optimization. And exactly how you can beat them out of a page 1 - 3 ranking on the first page of Google? How you will get all their traffic and profit? Better you than them etc...

    Firstly, all that information is ripped off from Google. Have you never wondered why you always have to type in a captcha form to access the data? That is Google checking that you are not software? What a joke!

    Secondly, all that information is 100% free? they are selling you something you do not need and something you can get for absolutely FREE. There are many other free browser incorporated tools that will do all of it! All the tools in the one place running from in your browser.

    Page rank checkers are a dime a dozen. Secondly, the most blatant case of cash grabbing and bad affiliate experience (entrapment) I came across, was a few months ago. One of those membership site deals.

    One where they let you have access for a $1.00 dollar trial. They Bill you in week or two; for the full amount of $147.00. Usually for a marketing or training 'Course'.

    Normally, you are told up front you can cancel anytime within the next ten days and not be billed? Still bad enough. A dubious tactic in my view anyway. This next gem had a very different twist.

    This trap gave you access for free. If you were like me and you accessed the membership site for free and you believed you could always cancel before the trial ended. And you would not be charged; you were in for a heck of a shock.

    Firstly, I could not find a cancellation form anywhere inside the membership site? Worse; I did not get a reply to my ticket until after I was BILLED!

    That was not the problem. These guys had changed the system to their own financial advantage. This guru had put a tiny check box on the front of the free access page? It was very difficult to see and read.

    And if you did not check (tick) this tiny box you were effectively trapped in the membership site with no way to cancel. You were billed regardless. I found out to my horror later, that the small print actually said check this box if you do not want to be billed.

    The thing is; once you were inside the membership site it was game over. They did not provide a way to cancel the billing.

    I queried it and was livid when I was denied a refund. I have never bought anything from this very high profile millionaire marketer ever again. Something this important should have been bold, easily seen and front and center.

    They should still have given people a means and the right to cancel inside of the membership as well. Once you left the landing page you were set up to be billed with no means of redress. So just watch out for these tricks designed to get their hands on your cash.

    Give us a heads up if you have found something out there you think we should know? Let us all know any bad Affiliate Experience you want to share.

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    What? Stay off those sites. Your post pretty much sounds like one of your others -

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    So what you are saying is you gave them your credit card # first, right....

    As you were told in the other post of yours
    The real lesson is that a fool and his money are soon parted. No offense, but have you considered the fact that if you've been "stung again for the 9th or 10th" that it's time to reconsider your modus operandi.

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