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    Talking Victories in VA and VT - How to keep them coming!
    Hi Everyone,

    In case you missed it last night I wanted to post this in the general discussions. This is the kind of news I want to be sharing with you all!

    In VA Hearing News: It was left on the table and unlikely that it will be brought up again in session. Meaning it is dead! Thanks to everyone who testified! For VT affiliates good news for you too...HB661 failed to make it out of committee and it is dead.

    Thank YOU
    A big thanks to everyone that showed their support by contacting their reps, attending hearings, sending out tweets, and even testifying. Every bit you can do helps make a difference. In this case, it definitely worked. This is great news for all affiliate marketers. Please keep this level of support up in other states.

    How You Can Help
    If you want to help one thing you can do is show your support on your blog and by posting a video showing your opposition to the ad tax. If you want to see some examples some affiliates marketers that have already made videos are up. Check out the #noadtax videos that Jamie Birch, Joe Sousa, and Tricia Meyer posted. Way to represent guys!

    If you have any questions or new ideas on how to help fight the ad tax please feel free to email me or send me a PM.
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