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    Article Randomizer Software
    Didn't find a better spot to post and I know that a lot of affiliates use Article Marketing to get better SEO.

    So here is a story. I am writing a software that will generate unique articles by simply asking you to rewrite each sentence several times. It will have a user friendly interface and a database, so you'll be able to organize your articles.

    The software will be completely free (no ads or anything), as I'll be the first user to actually use it for my articles.

    What I want is that maybe you guys have some cool feature ideas/requests that I have not thought about just yet, I'll be more than happy to implement them.

    Hope to hear back from you soon!

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    For the data feeds side I would love a tool (which I could run on my system) with an API that does rewriting via word synonyms replacement and other methods. Even one where I had to build my own valid synonym matching or something. I.e. replace inside with inner, lightly padded with faintly cushioned.

    If you were highly skilled you probably could recognize sentence structure and adjust the order of those sentences - there has to be some sort of language libraries to parse the structure.

    You might also look at how is coded - that is a very good quality grammar checking, that knows how to look at word proximity to make suggestions - maybe that type of logic could be reused to suggest new word proximity groupings.

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    Moderator Note: If you're looking for permission to post it, go ahead. Normally, we don't allow self-promotion without a paid ad, but it sounds like the product you're building will be completely free and would provide value to our members, and you're being upfront about it, so we'll make an exception.

    FWIW, I've worked on similar concepts, but never implemented them. Some of the key things I had planned:

    1) Instead of just an even distribution of which options to choose, I would include a "weight" for each option.
    2) So that the results would be the same every time in a location, I would seed the random number generator with the page name or something unique about the location.
    3) Nested variations are also handy.

    It doesn't take many variations to make thousands of different things that say the same thing. (Five sentences with four variations each produce 1024 combinations. Ten produces a million.)

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    I am still waiting to hear from you about the new software you have developed.Please let me know when it is ready for use.I want to test your software for unique articles.Thanks.
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