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    Hey there I have a site where I want to use camtasia to walk people through a process of downloading a program from the net, installing. opening up, connecting and walking them through the use of the program... i am a little bit familiar with it.. but have ran into problems

    If i try to do it all in one go... the size of the file is HUGE!!, even if i say turn it on and start talking on mic and clicking here and there for about 2 mins the size of that file is about 6 mb... I want to be able to go through a process which takes about 5 mins max, upload it and have it on mys ite someone clicks and wala they can view the walkthrough.. is there anyway to do this using camtasia, and keep file size low low!!!... i also heard it cane be done and shown onlin using flash?? would i need flash macromedia though and hows that work... anyone experiences, tips advise and exmaples would be very helpful thanks

    p.s. i also cant get the YELLOW circle to appear around my cursor when it plays

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    does noone use it?

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    Yes you just save the file as flash in the save file as. This shrinks it down much.

    Next know the size of your screen capture is critical. Make as small as possible to still get the info across.

    Next, capture @ 1 frame per second, use the pause (f9) button and take short shots, then when you edit you can extend the length of the frame. This keeps the file size down because it does not have to reload.

    The color of the capture is also critical. Dark colors uses memory, white doesen't.

    I just spent about 50 hours figguring this out. I need to redue my vids, but it will go quick now. To see example go to
    there is one on the home page and one on Site Builder Page.

    Again these are too big and I will shrink down, but the concept is great

    Good Luck,

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