Rushcard is a prepaid Visa card financial service. Created by Russell Simmons in 2003, the RushCard and BabyPhat RushCard were designed to give everyone access to mainstream financial services. Earn $6.00 for each approved application you send to Rushcard on a 30 day cookie.

RushCard is offered to the 40+ million U.S. consumers who do not have established credit or traditional banking relationships.

Our money saving offers give consumers an alternative to "traditional" checking accounts and access to convenient money management, including:
• Online Bill Pay
• FREE Paycheck, Benefits check, Tax refund Direct Deposit
• FREE Credit Builder
• FREE Account Text Alerts
• FREE Interactive Money Management Interface

RushCard customers reported on average they saved $396 per year with RushCard's online interactive Money Management features. RushCard members save on average another $312 per year when no longer forced to visit expensive check cashing stores to get access to their paychecks, buy money orders or wire money to pay their bills.

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