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    Would there ever be a day when affiliate programs would adopt RSS/Atom feeds?
    If you are an affiliate of a particular affiliate program that offers RSS feeds, all you have to do is put the affiliate RSS feed onto your website. The feeds will appear like.... say an "Adsense" type of ad./format.

    The RSS feed would work similar to Adsense. Someone clicks on the ad. and they are redirected to the affiliate embedded website's product. Right now, RSS feeds are primarily used for info. news feeds etc. If you click on a particular RSS newslink, you will be redirected to that news feed site ie: CNN, Reuters etc. Does not generate income.

    This way, you would have 100% control which RSS affiliate feeds you put on your site. Adsense picks for you and only pays you a %. The RSS Affiliate content would always be fresh and dynamic.

    1.) The affiliate website owner would post a XML/RSS feed link with a list of items they have for sale that particular day or week: ie: travel deals, books sales etc. They would update the site as often as they like.

    2.) You as a website owner, puts that RSS affiliate feed/link onto your website and just like an regular affiliate program, be paid a % of all sales.

    For this to work...

    The Affiliate Program Owner would need:
    - A script for affiliate program owners to easily list, update and post their products in a XML/RSS format.

    For Website Owners
    - A script to convert the RSS link from the affiliate website to an Adsense (or whatever) type of ad. so the webmaster can easily paste the script onto his website - like a adsense ad.

    Would a system like this work?

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    A few of us have been working this issue for months!

    Guess we will find out when we find out!

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