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Thread: Copycat Site - UGH!

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    Copycat Site - UGH!
    Just wondering if there are any rules about websites in the Buyat/Ticketmaster network about copycat websites.

    Reason i ask is that there is a new website in the ticket world that is literally copy and pasting stuff from my site and changing out the TM handle. Worst part of this is that they almost copied my exact domain (just added a word to the end) so it makes me worried about duplicate content issues.

    Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!

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    If you can afford a lawyer have them send a nice copyright notice to remove their site content. You could also contact the networks.
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    Most good affiliate managers will remove sites that are copies if you let them know about it.

    You can also send a DMCA notice to their host and get them shut down.

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    Then there is the old "Black Hat Solution " to get rid of them. send me a line and I will show you how to protect yourself. I also use TYNT on my sites to protect myself, this way if they try to copy stuff, it copys a link back to your site, or copyscape and you can get their ip address and block them out. Let me know I would be glad to help you out

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