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    Commission Junction Encrypted Links and Adsense
    Hi, Everyone.

    I am new here! I posted a similar question in another thread, but perhaps, the question is more appropriate for this thread. I have just started a new website, and I have added Adsense to it. One of its TOS rules is "no link cloaking or other sneaky redirects."

    However, Commission Junction gives me the option to hide a tracking code in the link and/or to encrypt the product affiliate link. Is encrypting a link or hiding a tracking code considered "link cloaking or a sneaky redirect?"

    Thanks for any answers in advance, and please, excuse me if my question sounds completely idiotic. I'm just a baby affiliate! : )

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    August 16th, 2009
    Okay, I got my question answered in another thread. Apparently, it is not a violation of google AdSense TOS to encrypt or hide tracking links on products at CJ. I also called Commission Junction to confirm that it was not considered link cloaking.

    Good day, all!

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    its not that type of cloaking google is referring too.

    The are referring about Page cloaking

    CJ is just masking their links

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