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    IllPumpYouUp (Again)
    IllPumpYouUp is reversing systematically ALL affiliates commissions on SAS and are STILL active.
    That's my THIRD report of this crooked merchant:
    First time was in december:
    This merchant is still taking advantage of our traffic.
    You can check their stats here:
    If I complaint in private, the status of my commissions are changed and paid. I HATE THAT. (Screwing the stats, too)
    Either my sales are valid or not. I don't like bonuses or private commissions to shut up.

    Today, I've again 3 commissions reversed with STUPID excuses:
    VOIDED Test Transaction Sale - 39095 (Original trans date 2/14/2010 22:54:47) Voided on 03/03/2010
    VOIDED Test Transaction Sale - 39096 (Original trans date 2/14/2010 22:58:8) Voided on 03/03/2010
    No sales for IllPumpYouUp were placed on 2/14/2010 (Test Transactions... Come on)
    VOIDED Non qualified lead Sale - 39420 (Original trans date 2/22/2010 13:51:19) Voided on 03/03/2010
    Affiliates are not paid for lead but on sale

    I don't promote this merchant but I'm keeping some old links just to check what they are doing.

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    Hello this is Pete with, I wanted to take the time and elaborate a little bit more on Zeus's situation and other coupon type websites. A few years ago we created an account with to get quality leads from other websites. As our affiliate numbers began to increase we started to noticed a lot of coupon type websites requesting to join our program. At first we thought, "What's the harm with these types of sites?" So, we approved them.

    Almost immediately we started to see referrals from these coupons sites. However, after a closer look we noticed that almost all of these referral orders were coming from existing customers that have been shopping at our store for many years. We reached out to a couple of our regular customers to try to get some additional information. The consensus that we got was that before our customers completed their order they would search for coupon codes for our site. By clicking on one of these coupon sites that had a page for us, would register that site as the referral site once the order was placed.

    This was not the type of affiliate program that we were looking for; these sites were not bring us new customers and were getting paid for orders from existing customers. We went ahead and voided all referrals coming from these sites, coupon sites, which included Zeus's site. We have since removed all websites from our affiliate program that have the word 'coupon' in their domain name. Additionally we do not approve any coupon sites requesting to join our affiliate program.

    We continue to use since we do have many quality affiliates whose websites are geared towards bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition.

    I hope this clears things up. Thank you for your time.

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    In my opinion, Zeus' original assessment is correct and you still belong on this list.

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    Pete, first comment did it really take you a year to response to this?

    Second, you accepted those affiliate sites into your program or had it set to auto approve. Either way you are responsible for letting that class of affiliate into your program and by doing so you owe them commissions. Your first step is to update your policy, then deactivate affiliates. If you have a coupon code slot in your cart you can be guaranteed that consumer will look for a coupon. If you have coupon affiliate in your program that are giving you store pages, promoting your brand but you fail to give them a coupon they are not cheating you.

    If you change your policy you can not reverse commissions after the fact. This thread stands!

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    They do. It's during checkout.
    Discount Code (optional) "

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    Pete, as noted in the other thread about your reversals, it appears that you didn't think that you were liable for commissions. You now know that you are. You need to make this right.

    "I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." - Richard Nixon

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