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    Hello everybody,
    Lately we have had several inquiries into business to business affiliate marketing on a CPA basis. These are primarily online ordering offers and not a multiple step sales process. Most of our managed clients are business to consumer oriented. We know that general business programs that appeal to businesses and consumers alike such as Office Depot or 123InkJets work well in the affiliate space but where can a business to business affiliate program be successful? Is there a network that specializes in B2B? Appreciate your comments and suggestions.
    Mike Gunn
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    I've seen the some question several times over the years, but have never seen a good response. It's just not something that most networks or affiliates do, so there's not a good infrastructure in place.

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    The only established network I know that has a B2B set up is LinkShare, I have no idea how well it does as we've never had a program on the B2B system with them.

    I have seen a couple of others over the last couple of years but all have been very light weight fly by night set ups


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