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When Allen Cushman sat down to write a few words about the family´s business he was afraid it would turn into a we-we story. You know, we do this and we do that. I´m not sure you´d find it all that interesting. But there are some things about our company that translate into definite benefits for you and your family and the folks you choose to honor with gifts.

Ed Cushman, opened a small fruit store in West Palm Beach in 1945. He packed up and shipped oranges and grapefruit for vacationers who wanted to send fruit to the folks back home. More and more often when the vacationers returned home, they´d write back to send more fruit. West Palm residents began to find their way to the little fruit store. Our customers came back again and again. You see, my Dad had this passion for quality. He took great care in picking the very best crops and then selecting the choicest fruit to go into the boxes he shipped out for his customers.

Well, sixty years have gone by, the little company has grown a bit. We're now proudly part of the Harry & David family. We´ve got all this high-tech stuff like automated phones, a fancy computer, even this site on the Internet. Hopefully it will all help us serve you better. But the main thing, the focus of everything we do, the driving force at Cushman´s, is the same today as it was 60 years ago.


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