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    I have been building, buying, selling websites for years. Have had a couple of affiliate programs with some of those sites that were managed in house but never quite got the results we were looking for (no surprise there!).

    Took a couple of years of from running my own sites to work as a web designer for others...but got the "bug" and have decided to get back into the ecommerce game...we just launched our first site (we will have several this year!)....less than 2 weeks ago and are excited that sales are already coming in.....

    Out next step is to build an affiliate program....but we know we cannot do it ourselves and will need to hire and OPM.

    For a small business it is costly.....and I want to be sure its a smart move on our part.

    So with that being said:

    1) How do you choose the "right" OPM for your store? Is it better to find one that has a hand in the niche your store is in or does that not matter?

    2) Does a program ever fail? I understand that I will not see results for months....but whos to say that I will ever see a return? It seems the rates are a flat fee per month for the most part....if by month 5 I am still making no $$$ but this person has several thousand of mine....I am just screwed?

    3) What is the success rate of most OPM's? I really have NO IDEA what to expect....I have read testimonials that have said the OPM made them increase in sales like that even possible?

    Can anyone direct me on the best way to "interview" an OPM.....I am so leary because there are SOOO Many scammers out there. I know there are some GREAT OPM's here at ABW, but most of them seem cost prohibitive for a new site.

    It would be great to find someone who can grow their payments as the site increases in sales.....but that does not seem to be out there.....

    Any feedback, suggestions, or help are greatly appreciated! I want this to program launch the right way!

    Thanks so much and I look forward to being part of the community!


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    Welcome Jill! Great first post!

    Two groups of affiliates that a good OPM will be able to get you a quick "in" with are PPC affiliates and coupon affiliates. Depending on your policies and how well suited your site is for those two groups, you could see an acceptable return from fairly early on.

    Much of the other work will be more long-term, where it takes a while for the OPM to find and build the right relationships for you, grow and activate your affiliate base, and establish your program.

    A lot of it will depend on your particular program. I always recommend that merchants looking for OPMs browse through the OPM forums here, pick a few whose management styles and activity look the most appealing, call them up for an initial consultation, pick their favorite, and do everything they tell you to do.

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    Thanks so much Michael! I have spent about an hour this morning reading all I can here! So much information.....I did not think about working the coupon and PPC angle so I will definitely keep that as a consideration....I have been reading through some case studies and its very enticing!!!! Thanks for your response! Seems like a great group here looking forward to spending some time here....

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    Hi jcare,

    Yes, at the beggining has everyone big expectations and feels uncertain what will be result. Affiliate marketing is long term investment, don't expect immediate results!

    e.g. we started our own affiliate program small (we had just few affiliates at the beginning, no sales, etc.) ... as years passed, we have more than 3000 affiliates (not all are active) and every month we pay more than $10k on commissions to our affiliates .... and I'm sure we are still far from our limits :-)

    I wish you success with your affiliate program and successful comeback to your eCommerce game :-)

    In case you will need any help with affiliate software behind your affiliate program, just let me know. Which type of affiliate software do you use ?
    I can help you even you don't use our product. I know how to implement different types of integrations, coupons, etc...
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Arial]Viktor Zeman[/FONT][/SIZE]
    [B][URL=]Quality Unit [/URL][/B] Founder and [B][URL=]Post Affiliate Pro[/URL][/B] developer

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