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    New ARC Merchant: Dr.Zaxx
    Hello Team,

    Join me in welcoming the next rising STAR to Join the Andy Rodriguez Consulting firm:


    A Short History About the Dr. Zaxx Product! Join Here!

    Dr. Zaxx headache and migraine remover was born out of inspiration when a patient suffered the long lasting effects of whiplash and could not find relief for her headache. A therapist trained in Cranial-Sacral techniques effectively treated this patient and helped take away the headaches. After hearing what had happened to the patient through this use of this technique, a few inventors and entrepreneurs decided to engineer a product that could work just like someone applying Cranial-Sacral methods on a patient, thus birthing the idea for the Dr.Zaxx unit!

    8 Keys to the Dr.Zaxx Formula! Join Here!

    1.Itís cost efficient, you use it over and over again
    2.It relieves and removes Headaches
    3.It relieves and removes Migraines
    4.It promotes wellness within the body
    5.It provides customers a non-invasive way to get healing from headaches
    6.It offers a more natural and holistic approach to relieve headache pain
    7.You donít have to take PILLS Anymore!
    8.It becomes your personal, portable headache reliever no matter where you go

    Benefit of Joining and Getting Active Now! Join Here!

    $65.00 Average Order
    In house ShareASale Program
    15% Commissions on all SALES!
    60 Day Cookies
    Parasite FREE
    Custom Links and Banners created for your site traffic
    Additional Bonus Incentives
    $5.00 CAB's (Cash Activation Bonuses)
    Dedicated Program Management by Andy Rodriguez Consulting

    3 Easy Product Options! Join Here!

    With Dr.Zaxx you donít have to worry about having too many products to offer or dealing with datafeeds. Dr.Zaxx solution is pretty straight forward and offers affiliate partners the ease of joining and getting started immediately with no hassles!

    1.Site visitors can buy the unit separately as shown here!
    2.Or Buy the Dr.Zaxx Unit and add the Ocean Serenity Relaxation CD
    3.Or Buy the Dr.Zaxx Unit and add The Dr.Zaxx Aromatherapy Oils shown here!

    Important Reminder

    Dr.Zaxx is a product unlike anything on the market. We have very few competitors, but a huge demand from sufferers of headaches and migraines. We know that if your site visitors tried the Dr.Zaxx unit, they will fall in love with it and get rid of all those pesky pills and expensive treatments by physicians, chiropractors and message therapist!

    A Quick Personal Testimonial

    When we first received the Dr. Zaxx unit, we really didnít know how to feel about it until my wife Marlene and I used it to relieve our headaches and it worked. As crazy as it sounds, the little unit worked and did exactly what it was meant to do. My wife and I have been believers in not taking ions or pills unless its absolutely necessary. I truly believe in taking a holistic approach and using and trying non-invasive ways to relieve pain. Guys, you gotta try it!

    JOIN NOW, GET ACTIVE and Have The Commission Roll In!
    Emilio Yepez
    Affiliate Program Manager
    PH: 305 389 8955
    AIM: affiliateagle
    Follow Me On My Twitter

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    Congrats on the new client Emilio!

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