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    Affiliate sales reporting by website?
    I am just getting into affiliate marketing and one question I'm really struggling to find an answer for is if most/all of the major networks provide reporting broken down by websites. IOW, if I have and both signed up with my affiliate account, am I going to know how much each made or am I just going to get one lump sum figure per merchant.

    I'm really wondering if I need an affiliate account per site. Because of administration, I'd rather not have to but if it means knowing how much each site made, I will.

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    With most networks you can add an identification parameter to your links so you'll know which site the sales came from.
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    Also most won't allow you to have multiple separate accounts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loxly
    Also most won't allow you to have multiple separate accounts.
    If necessary to get reporting, it wouldn't be a big deal to create a separate business entity for each. (IOW, multiple separate accounts are easily doable if you're determined regardless of what they will and won't "allow")

    EDIT: meant to say I LOVE your videos loxly, thanks for doing them. Learning lots.

    However, after digging at this from a different angle I've realized as mentioned above, most have tracking for this purpose:

    Commission Junction facilitates this by either allowing you to enter multiple sites which will create a unique PID for each and/or you can add a unique SID to each link. I don't know how the reporting shows for each of these but I am assuming you can get a report for each PID or SID.

    Google Affiliate Network will allow you add unique MID such as MID=1234 to each link to facilitate many sites or "members". Again, don't know what the reporting looks like but assume it can break it down by "MID".

    ShareASale has two parameters you can optionally add to each link you create called "urllink" and "afftrack". Again assuming the reporting allows breakdown on each but the urllink is specifically for tracking which site created the sale so I would imagine you can at least get a breakdown by that.

    LinkShare... No idea. I've tried to find ways on their site as well as googling it but I've not find a definite "yes, you can do that like this" answer.

    Clickbank allows you to add a Tracking ID to each "hopad" link you create which I assume will be shown in reporting.

    Amazon Associates doesn't seem to have any way to add tracking ID's to their links (at least that I can see).

    That's all the big ones I can think of, am I missing any?

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