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    Talking How does one identify the next HOT thing in the market
    I am still a bit new at affiliate marketing but i really enjoy doing it. First it was the7figuremarketingschool which gave me some results then came the affiliate code........... the question is, how does one know the next new thing so as to get it when it has JUST started so as to get full returns?? Is it all about how big a risk one is willing to take?

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    It may not be necessary to find the next big thing way before anyone else. Just notice it before there are a million pages for it.

    But Google Trends and Google Insights are pretty good tools for seeing what is coming up.

    If you do keyword research in Insights on the bottom left of the results will be things like "Breakout" which means over a thousand percent growth recently in search traffic.

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    If I knew how to predict "the next hot thing," I'd be a lot richer.

    Unfortunately, it's often very difficult to recognize which of many "new things" is going to be "hot." You're more likely to choose the right products if you stick with things you know about. If you're a radio-controlled-airplane enthusiast, then you can probably recognize what's hot in that particular niche better than folks who aren't in that niche.

    As noted, there are some interesting resources to try to view trends (using google, twitter, etc.) but your time and effort (interpreting that data and extrapolating it to products) might not bring you any solid results.

    Of course, you'll never generate any traffic or advertising revenue unless you do something, so a good strategy is to just pick something you're interested in (for example, identifying a need you've had, and the solutions for that need), and start creating web content around that idea. If that doesn't work out (or even if it does), you'll try something else, and then something else, until you "figure it out" (or until you decide you can't figure it out).

    You can also consult with your merchants about this. Ask them what are their best-selling or fastest-growth products and categories. Some will help you (alas, some will give you information based on what they want to sell, not what actually sells).

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    What I've done and even more so now that I've acquired a new addiction to domaining is I've found and bookmarked a lot of sites that talk about future technologies, new products coming down the line, many not to market yet etc. Most of the stuff that's already here had been gone thru already many times over, even tho you can still find some nice niche stuff but I found it a lot easier, always thinking/looking ahead.

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    Sounds to me you are looking to get at the top of the next hot mlm-like scheme. the7figuremarketingschool is not something any of the regulars here would waste our time with. But there is a lot of info on legitimate ways to make money here - you will have to search a bit, but it is here.

    I don't see most anything I do that adds value you to the internet community or provides me with additional skills as a risk. More like an investment. Sometimes it does not pay off right away, but eventually it does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Hoffman Consulting View Post
    Mobile Marketing!
    Yup - that's one of them. While I can't really see people ordering their next supply of personal checks via their cell phone, I can see them getting a hotel reservation that way. I am certainly headed in that direction, and if/when we launch (yes, yet another) hotel program that will be one of the pieces we need to develop for it. Might not happen right away - but we will be working on it.

    I'm going to do a bit of testing beginning next week on some active dot-mobi domains I already have for a beach resort and a major city.
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    Some of the best advice I've heard on this topic is along the lines of what mark said above about identifying a need you've experienced related to something that you're interested in. If it's something that you do and love in your everyday life you'll be better able to identify with your potential customers and market that much more effectively.

    Also, staying abreast of current events never hurts.

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