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    Hi all,

    I currently run an affiliate program on ShareASale for my company. My company is listed in the gifts category. We have 253 affiliates with about 10-15% driving traffic and about 5-10% driving sales (From those driving traffic). I would really like to increase these stats to be about 30% traffic and 15% sales. I have posted our site as a new program on A Best Web, though we may be due for another posting. O do run promotions from time to time, and do some affiliate newsletters.

    Should I be recruiting affiliates? If so how do I tell which affiliates are good and how to I make them interested in my company?

    Does anyone have any tips? Open to any suggestions.

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    Welcome Jer,

    Yes you should be recruiting affiliates and the best ones are the ones that have access or sites to customers that would make good customers for you.

    Also consider putting up your real picture and including your name so people can get to know you. You can also place an ad for your company here on ABW to announce your program.

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    Welcome Jer, there is lots of info available throughout ABW and for the questions you ask, see and
    Good luck!

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