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    Contest Ideas????
    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to think of some new contest ideas for the 1-800 CONTACTS program. I would like to propose a good contest for implementation here within the next couple months if possible. What is motivating to you all when it comes to driving new sales for different companies? What would be most effective?

    Any thoughts, opinions, or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Shan Shan Li
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    Have one that is fair to all affiliates, not some ridiculous 'generate $50,000 in sales for a bonus' sort of contest that eliminates 99% of affiliates.

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    What Julian said, lol.

    For inactive affliates, a flat-rate bonus for making a first sale.

    For existing affiliates, either a flat-rate bonus or a percentage added to commissions if they increase sales by a certain percentage over previous month's figures or average sales for previous several months.
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