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    I was reading soem threads here on cloaking an hiding affiliate links. As I do not run php I never thoght of such an issue. Now I made up my mind to experiment with this and I remembered that my tracking account at also includes a redirection capability. The link to a qksrv affiliate link now looks like
    a qksrv link now looks like

    >a href=""<><img src="" width="120" height="30" alt="" border="0"< >/a<

    What does it mean when my clicks have doubled since I took those links, and what about sales tracking?


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    Well, should have no impact on sales tracking, you are still using the qksrv link, and that should be tracked just like normal. The qksrv link doesn't care what link is pointing to it.

    RE: clicks hacing doubled, that just seems odd. They really should not have doubled on the CJ side just because of the redirect. In theory you may have more clickthroughs because visitors now do not see the CJ links, but that seems somewhat doubtful.

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    A possibility of the increased click through is that bots and spiders see the link and follow it, thus counting as a click on CJ's side.

    That's why I put my redirect or jump scripts in a folder named go, then disallow all bots and spiders from going to that directory in robots.txt.
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