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    I’ve posted before on this topic without any response, but from other postings that I’ve read, I’m not the only one with this problem. I was going to let things lay were they are, unsolved, but after hours of trying to get numbers to match up, I’m completely sick of CJ’s reports and I felt like a little rant!

    Let me first say before I get into it that CJ’s rep has been helpful and has responded to my email in a timely and professional manner. I appreciate the straightforward responses that I received, which I quote below, about the problems with CJ reports.

    Problem: Reconciling reports to check amount.

    Until the recent CJ reports upgrade, LOL, it was fairly easy reconciling reports with a check amount. Now with all of the extra filters and variables in the reports, it’s become completely impossible.

    After three days of back and forth emails with a CJ rep, I was told “it will not be possible at this time to add a series of numbers and get the check amount”.

    The problem lies with having extended transactions from October, where some of them have been reversed and some have been locked for the November payment. The CJ rep told me that this is a report problem where you can’t identify October transactions that were extended and then paid out in November with November’s commission. It was suggested that I print Oct. and Nov. reports without any filters and then try to get things to add up correctly. All of you that have a lot of transactions every month, along with a lot of reversals, etc., know that a report without filters is very difficult to decipher.

    So, after spending the last two hours with a calculator, I still can’t get numbers to match up. It’s very sad to have all those reports, filters, etc. and still have to resort to a calculator. And worst of all, the numbers still don’t add up to what my check is going to be.

    The CJ rep also said “We have been making small changes to the reporting options and have more planned for the future to get us to the point where there will exist a statement that lists all of the transactions that are being paid out, check by check.”

    I REALLY hope that CJ is going to make a change to the reporting options as mentioned above. It will be nice to not have to spend hours on something that should be simple.

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    I REALLY hope that CJ is going to make a change to the reporting options as mentioned above. It will be nice to not have to spend hours on something that should be simple.

    You are right. It is a simple request and the ability to easily reconcile your check to your transactions will be available within the coming months. We already made some significant changes to our accounting system last week and are well on our way to finally making check reconciliation a reality.

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    One "easy" addition - transactions by event date. Solve a great many problems.

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    I agree Interested. Though I'm no expert with Databases, I do have quite a bit of experience with them. Though I'm not familiar with CJs internal system at all, other DBs I've worked with allow one to group your reports by different items as to present the data in various formats.

    In this case, all reports in the new system are grouped by posting date. If we had the ability to choose, and run reports grouped by Event date as well, I think a lot of the problems, difficulties and complaints would get resolved immediately (of course, I'm not sure how easy this is for CJ to do). If it could be done, everyone would have the new report advantages, while maintaining the important accounting functionality of reports grouped by Event date (thus, in accounting terms, GAAP).

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    Thanks Blaine Elliot, it’s nice to hear changes are forthcoming. I’m a little more confident that improvements will be made now that I’ve heard it from someone else besides the CJ rep that has been trying to help me.

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