Good afternoon Team,

Wanted to get the word out and let you know that our deals page on Comp U Plus has added new products. This is a great page and section of site to send site visitors to because it offers some of the hottest deals on the web. Below Iíve outlined a few of the products Comp U Plus has on sale, please be sure to use at as part of your marketing efforts:

JBL Portable Speakers:

If you have a Motorola phone with music player capabilities, you owe it to yourself to pick up this premium portable speaker system from JBL. If you know anything about JBL, you know that they are one of the top manufactures of speakers!

The Flip Camera:

The Pure Digital Refurbished Flip MinoHD puts the power of HD video in your pocket. Flip MinoHD offers all the signature Flip Video features you loveósleek design, simple user interface, flip-out USB arm, rechargeable internal Li-ion battery, built-in editing and sharing software

Sony Blue Tooth Stereo Style Headsets:

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