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    Domain Question
    The wife and I are heading toward opening a store on etsy. Is there a way to purchase a domain and have it point to the store url on etsy? In other words clicking on will open

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    Yes, you should be able to redirect it. It's a pretty simple thang.
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    Yeah, its pretty simple using dns forwarding. Most registrars will offer this service.

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    Yes, there are a couple ways of doing this. At the domain registers, or if you have a hosting account you can do it through cpanel, or even at the web level.

    Since you don't use hosting, I would suggest you do it at the domain registers. Look for "Forwarding" under your domain options. Then just enter the url of your etsy store.
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    And you will want to select url masking so that it is your domain that is displayed in the address bar and not that of
    But if the etsy store gives you the option to set cname records or if they provide the name servers to point to, these options will be much better.

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