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    Best way to create preview of a URL
    Hi All-

    I am trying to figure out the best way to generate previews of URLs. Can anyone recommend a good service / script that allows for asynchronous loading of a url? Like a CURL library for Ajax I guess.

    I'm thinking you'd want to load the page asynchronously and then use regex to extract out the title tags but wondering if anyone has built similar tools for viewing their affiliate traffic in a smarter way... So you can see where people are coming from and going to a little more clearly.

    Thanks for any help

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    There are a variety of webservices that will create free thumbnails of webpage urls for you. I was trying to remember the name of one that I used before, but couldn't find them on google. Maybe they went out of business... Anyway, here's another one I found:

    The idea is that you have a webpage with image tags that point to their server. The image src url contains a query parameter that is the url you are interested in.
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    Are you trying to measure outbound traffic? To get a count of times a user a clicked a link to [merchant].com ? There are at least two ways I know of to do this.

    1) build a redirect page, and put your URL as a parameter to that page. Make sure you protect the input URLS, though. You don't want just anyone 'routing' through your redirect page. redirectasp?url=www . . Then Increment the count in a database (or file) everytime a url is requested.

    2) use JQuery and AJAX to add an onclick attribute to every anchor tag. JQuery makes this easy to 'select' all anchors on the page and add this method in one fell swoop. When the user clickcs the HREF link, they ALSO follow the onClick. The onclick would call out via AJAX to a hosted metrics company like "webtrends live" or a custom counter page.

    - Dave

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