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    Choosing a Hosting company
    I would appreciate any info or guidance on choosing an Hosting Company.

    We started on ebay as an extension of our passions, and then opened an ebay store which we have done resonably well with,and now we want to go to the next level, which for us is to have a web site.

    Our site will be a store. On the homepage their will be links to various catagories, and from the catagories there will be links to description pages of the individual items. So there will be a good number of pages.

    We have been looking at Inmotion.

    I've looked at all the web hosting review sites, and it's all very confusing. Some rate Hosts high, where other sites rate the same Host low. I dont know what to believe, or whats a scam: however, I do believe what I read here so any guideance would be appreciated.



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    I've moved this to the Domains & Hosting sub-forum, where you'll find lots of threads about hosting providers.

    The first thing you probably need to do is to decide what type of hosting you want, depending on your needs and budget. You can go anywhere from a few bucks a month for a small shared hosting account to hundreds of dollars a month for a managed, dedicated server.

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    I've had an account with Inmotionhosting since 2002, and they've been one of the 3 most reliable hosts I've used over the years (over 35 different hosts).

    IF they offer the features that you need, they're a rock-solid choice.
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    I'm always on the lookout for info on support. Biggest complaints and things that seem to make people change their hosting is how their issue was handled when a site went down -- from being able to get to someone as well as how fast the site could come back online. it's when there's a crisis you see the true colors of a host.

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    My best advice would be to avoid "Top 10 Web Hosting" sites. Pretty biased information to be found there.

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    It would also be advisable to not put all your websites in one hosting company. Just so that your websites don't all go down when there's something wrong with the hosting server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brett-e2 View Post
    My best advice would be to avoid "Top 10 Web Hosting" sites. Pretty biased information to be found there.
    ...and often the bias is based on affiliate payouts to the "directory".
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    I actually do run a hosting review site. I would invite you to check it out in my sig. However, you need to keep in mind that for most people customer service, reliability, and up time are vital. I know what you mean about every top then site seeming to be biased, just because they want to make a buck off you. In fact, some of the ones they recommend suck to put it lightly. Like 1and1 hosting and Jumpline!

    One thing that I have found when spending money online is to check with the BBB because the 'real' customers can not be wrong. Personally, I recommend Hostgator because of their customer service. I have been using them for a number of years too.

    I hope this helps.
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