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    Wordpress pages and GoldenCan not working
    Can someone help me? I am adding a page with the php code from Goldencan using phpexec. Every time I publish the page everything is great for about a minute, then it reverts back to "pending". Can someone tell me what is going on? I have also tried doing the page with the javascript code.

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    What reverts back to "pending"? Have you been accepted by the merchants you're using? What WP theme are you using?

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    For any GoldenCan code to work on WP, you need to have the Exec-PHP plugin or something similar running. Perhaps you already have something like that.

    Can you explain more fully what exactly happens?

    I've used GC code with WP when I have that plugin running. (I discovered that you need to use the javascript GC code option, not the GetData php code. Otherwise, if you click on a pagination link in the GC store, it just goes to the index.php file of WP.)
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