Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Rx Locker affiliate program!

Program Highlights:
40% commission
Commission duration 30 Days
BYOL available
Rx Locker was designed for THREE Reasons.

#1. "Each year, unintentional poisonings from medicines and household chemicals kill about 30 children and prompt more than 1 million calls to the nation's poison control centers." National Poison Prevention Week Though child resistant bottles provide some security for young children, older kids may find opening the caps an amusing challenge rewarded by what looks like candy... Rx Locker puts 1000 possible combinations between kids and drugs.

#2. "1 in 4 High School Seniors admit to abusing Rx Drugs. TODAY, 2500 12-17 year olds will use Rx medication for the first time..." Dr. Drew Pinsky Rx Locker was designed to act as a deterrent for teens who might take ion drugs from parents or grandparents and use/abuse them without a ion. Preventing access is the best way to stop a potential problem before it starts.

#3. To protect the medical privacy of individuals inside their own homes and medicine cabinets. We've all had that nosy neighbor or snooping mother in-law over for dinner. When they excuse themselves to the restroom you can bet they aren't reading the magazines... They're scouring the medicine cabinet to make sure you're not on crazy pills. Rx Locker keeps them out of your business and makes them mind their own.


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