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    A little less than a year ago I started my first blog. It died about as fast as I started it. The problem was self discipline. After I started blogging I also started using twitter and facebook which I allowed to consume my time. So of course blogging stopped along with the important stuff around the house (sahd duties). So I did a total disconnect for a while. So here I am wanting to start my blog up again. Do I just start posting like nothing happened? Do I give an explanation for my absence? Do I dump it and start a new one?

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    It's hard to say without knowing more about it.
    Was it a free ie Blogger, WordPress .com blog or one you hosted yourself?
    What was the purpose? Selling or just writing?
    How were the backlinks to it?
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    No right or wrong, do what you feel. If older posts had any traffic at all keep them. If you are changing target audience and posts are not related in any way, you can delete pages and set up redirect to new welcome or about page. (For example you used to have a gardening blog and now you are talking about space exploration)

    No need to explain your absence. If your blog is friendly and casual you can preface one post with "after a break I am back". If your blog is related to parenthood you could have a whole post on the reasons but in my opinion you don't need to go into detail.

    If you had a lot of readers, out of respect I would write a short post saying you are back; don't need a lot of details. Follow this up immediately with a new on-topic post to show you are back. That will keep the focus on your presence and not your absence.

    If you can, remove the date from appearing in your posts.
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    You did say that it "died" very fast, so I am presuming that there wasn't very much content in it and that you didn't really gain much of an audience. If the posts that were originally in there have significant rankings, then leave them there and maybe update the content and change the date on the post so that it looks more recent and new visitors will not know that you were away for a long time.

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