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    Shopping Cart - Variable Price based on Dimensions?
    I am looking to sell an item that comes in different sizes. The item is measured in height length and width. My problem has been finding a shopping cart or program. For every inch any of those dimensions go up so does the price. Is there a program out there that can handle those price incrementsfor me on the backend, to be translated to a shopping cart.

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    Welcome to ABW! I hope you'll introduce yourself so we can get to know you better.

    That's an interesting problem. You might need to do some customization to your cart. Or perhaps another merchant might know of some shopping carts that have that type of feature built in.

    Without knowing your product, it's hard to tell if there might be other solutions. For instance, if there are just a few standard dimensions, you could price them all out separately.

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    Newbie here answering another newbie's question! I am a merchant and have been looking into affiliates as a new marketing channel. Just randomly came across this post.

    But check out version 4.2 and above on X-Cart. I was researching new shopping carts myself recently, and I believe X-Cart does dimensional shipping rates with UPS and likely others too.

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