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    January 18th, 2005
    jacked by sylon
    Do any of you have any experience with JustHost and if you do - what do you think about them?

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    Go to WebHostingTalk* and do a search for JustHost. I wasn't very impressed as I scanned the thread titles.

    * Don't know if you have to register or not. I've been a member there (mostly lurk) for a long time.
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    To be honest I really almost went with them. But just like Bill, I wasn't impressed with the reviews I've read myself, and there were MORE negative reviews than any other hosting company. If you are indeed looking for hosting, try as of right now I just pay $10 per month (no setup fee or anything) and they've been awesome, and I may even upgrade and pay for a few years with them.

    Oh and by the way, I don't work from them...that's just a genuine review for you

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    Whatever you decide to do, make sure they have good support, even if its a little more a month. Trust me, when something bad happens and your site is down, every minute counts.

    Also, google for reviews.
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    The difference between a $3 host and a $6 host is just ten cents a day. And hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of crisis situations and headaches.
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    January 18th, 2005
    jacked by sylon
    I have been hosting with HostGator for about 5 years and had a reseller server with them and never had any problems with them but was wondering if I could find a cheaper host.

    I ended up changing to The Prime Host and got a reseller server with them. I got more storage and bandwidth than I had with HG and all of my scripts run faster with TPH than they did with HG.

    My old server ran 2 CPUs and my new server runs 8 CPUs. So far I really like TPH and their support is good.

    They have been in business since 2001. They are $100.00 a year cheaper then HG for a better deal.

    They show a 99.99% up time.

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    Frances Mary Krug
    If you want to find out details (and see reviews) about just about any host, our forum WebHostingTalk has a ton of info and lots of members who will provide advice on what will work best for your own situation.

    I've been with Bluehost for my personal/non-work stuff for years, just because I don't really need more than just a presence for a couple of local businesses I've volunteered to do free website work for. Some of the big companies (like HostGator, Bluehost, etc.) are now all part of a huge conglomerate and there have been more outages than normal ... so sometimes a smaller outfit can be a better solution IMHO.

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    Frances - 4 year old thread, my dear...
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    It was bounced by a newbie and I removed the post after she posted.

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