Hi to all,

This is my first post, but been using WebMerge for 5 years now.

This is my scenario and question:

I have a database which I sort by category, subcategory, release-date and part-num to create a three tier website.

In the third pass where I create the details pages I control the index pages (subcategory pages) to 40 products per page cut-off.

I'm using the following code in my index (subcategory) page:
Showing records <b>[WM-CurrentRangeStart]</b> to <b>[WM-CurrentRangeEnd]</b> of <b>[WM-CurrentRecordCount]</b> products.

It produces the following:
Showing records 145 to 192 of 1308 products.

There are 20 subcategories in this category. The subcategory in this example is forth (4) subcategory and there are only 45 records for this subcategory.

Shouldn't it display the following?
"Showing records 1 to 40 of 45 products" for page 1 of subcategory
"Showing records 40 to 45 of 45 products" for page 2 of subcategory

It looks like it is displaying all the records in the database (1308 in my sample DB I'm using for test purposes).

Is there any way to make [WM-CurrentRangeStart], [WM-CurrentRangeEnd] and [WM-CurrentRecordCount] pertain to the current subcategory and not to the entire database?

I'm using version 2.6b1

Thank you,