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    Is Affiliate Marketing Likely To Work For Me?
    My high definition TV studio, Southeastern Studios , is considering launching an affiliate marketing program, using Outsourced Program Management.

    We're offering a product that many internet experts believe to be valuable -- maybe crucial -- for any business with a website or any person who uses the internet for marketing -- a high end high definition video for company websites and internet marketing purposes. Our videos are made with cinema quality cameras, customized million dollar sets for each client, camera cranes, and professional spokespeople, at a ridiculously low price and tremendously high quality. The quality is the same as you'd see in national $100,000+ TV commercials, because we use the same cameras, sets, cranes, and talent as we do in productions costing $100,000 or more. In effect, we're offering $100,000 productions for just a few hundred bucks.

    With a high commission payout, I'm hoping that a good affiliate program could do big things for us. We can also create "mini-infomercials" for affiliates that will help do the selling.

    We can sell our product for as low as $399 for a 60 second video, and $249 for a 30 second video, and save our clients thousands of dollars. We could pay an affiliate commission in the $100 to $150 range per sale.

    Does anyone have an opinion whether this could be effective for us?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Tim -

    I feel that most programs can benefit from an affiliate program provided it is run correctly. You should first look at your competition to see if they have an affiliate program. I have seen a few programs that sell a similar service which creates marketing videos for companies/affiliates.

    With more and more companies/affiliates using youtube and other video media, this does and will create a demand. If you are looking for an OPM you will need to take into account how much you will be paying them and your affiliates.

    I have seen some "systems" that sell the idea of using video marketing, but don't actually do the videos, they are more of an ebook. I do believe that having an affiliate program for your company will create extra revenue, but it may take some time to build up to your expectations.


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    Thanks very much, Geoff.

    We've signed on with a really good OPM, and will be using ShareASale. We've been putting together a new site. Our temporary site is, with lots of video samples.

    It's our contention -- and most internet marketing experts agree -- that almost every business or internet marketer with website needs a video to tell their story, to give them them an advantage over their competitors, and to help increase SEO. They're also great for free promotion on YouTube and for attaching to emails to prospects. Website conversions can increase by more than 300%. The problem is that getting a big-time HD video usually is a lot of work for a company and costs tens of thousands of dollars.

    We feel that we're offering $100,000 videos for just a few hundred bucks, with virtually no hassle for the client. I firmly believe that we offer the best quality in North America for anything even approaching our price. Hope you agree!

    Thanks again Geoff!


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