Sorry for the blurry title but it's a compromise between the "name and shame" game, and the thread showing up in their google alerts.

They've done a couple of things recently to wrestle the lucrative coupon/deals traffic away from the affiliate;

1. They clamped down on retail-me-not, and other coupon sites for showing inhouse coupons.
2. They went in-house with a Coupon page, and heavily promote it on the site.
3. Now they've changed terms to differentiate between 'new' and 'repeat' traffic. They pay 5% for repeat customers and 15% for new customers. Again, this move seems to target coupon/deals sites.

Fine, whatever, i've got no problem with any of that. They make their biz decisions and I make mine. However, and here's my point... after doing this they then lose interest in updating thier own coupon page (as of today it hasn't been updated since 2/18/10) despite numerous deals being available on their product pages.

So after changing the landscape for coupon/deals affiliates, making themselves hardly worth promoting, they realize they have too much to do than update coupons (maybe they didnt realize how much work it was).

That's partly where the value of an affiliate truly is, in marketing your product in ways the merchant itself is not neccesarily that good at, doesn't have time for or whatever.

So i guess I'm saying, let the affiliates do what they are good at - marketing your product - and dont' begrudge them thier commish because it is earned.