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    Cheaper and Faster Net access - FCC
    So when do should we expect to see some changes? 2015?

    FCC envisions faster Internet service that's more accessible and affordable
    Article in the NY Times 3/13/10

    The Federal Communications Commission is proposing an ambitious 10-year plan that will reimagine America's media and technology priorities by establishing high-speed Internet as the country's dominant communication network.

    The plan, which will be submitted to Congress on Tuesday, March 16, is likely to generate debate in Washington and a lobbying battle among the telecommunication giants, which may face new competition for customers, and the broadcast television industry, which is resisting giving back spectrum the government wants to use for future mobile service.

    The blueprint reflects the government's view that broadband Internet is becoming the common medium of the United States, gradually displacing the telephone and broadcast television industries. It also signals a shift at the FCC, which under the administration of President George W. Bush gained more attention for policing indecency on the television airwaves than for promoting Internet access.

    According to FCC officials briefed on the plan, the commission's recommendations will include a subsidy for Internet providers to wire rural parts of the country now without access, a controversial auction of some broadcast spectrum to free up space for wireless devices, and the development of a new universal set-top box that connects to the Internet and cable service.

    The effort will influence billions of dollars in federal spending, although the FCC will argue that the plan should pay for itself through the spectrum auctions. Some recommendations will require congressional action and industry support and will affect users only years from now.

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    No matter what stress you guys are seeing in the United States, you should try living in Australia. Comparisons have shown we have some of the slowest and most expensive in the developed world, not to mention a really poor set of options.

    It's really a matter of choosing a service provider who's bad, or someone who's worse.

    Oh well, we can't have everything good here!
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    Arguement were brought up that we need more competition and some of the large firms that owns the lines/bandwidth is not willing to lease it out + have a strong lobby in DC.

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    The biggest part of the announcement was the idea that the internet will become the primary vehicle for content.

    Goodbye monopoly phone companies. Goodbye monopoly cable television companies.

    I can't wait for the convergence of the internet with our television sets. People should be able to access millions of channels/sites from all over the world instead of just the few channels from five companies we now have access to on cable television.
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