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    Tax Implications if Network is located offshore?
    Hi All,
    This may be a pointless question, but what if the network that affiliates use happens to be owned and managed offshore (Canada or an offshore island)?

    As the company is not required to follow US or State laws I am sure the responsibility is on the affiliate but the network would not be responsible to pay or report any tax issues.

    Would this help affiliates?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LawrenceGouett View Post
    Would this help affiliates?
    Of course not. Wether or not a company reports your income, you have a legal responsibility to report your income and pay appropriate taxes. Doesn't matter if the income came from a U.S.-based company or a foreign-based company.

    Cheating the system and illegally avoiding paying taxes isn't the way to help affiliates - changing the tax laws to ease the tax burdens required by law is the way to help affiliates.
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    Caution, this is not legal advice:
    Generally, the tax laws in the country where an affiliate is living are the tax laws that the affiliate needs to comply with.
    But if you are a citizen of one country and live in another country, you may have to pay taxes in both countries.

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