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    Do not forget the men and women from the greatest generation of them all. Their courage changed the world and reshaped a country.

    60 years Anniversary of D-Day.

    Tell a WWII Vet thanks today. My late father was one.
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    I was up in Normandy recently, it's a place where every village has it's own memorial to the Allied solders who died to liberate it, where bridges and hedgerows became bloody battlegrounds or hand-to-hand fighting. Places like Sword Beach are huge, and you can see the battle scarred towns and villages all along that part of France.

    The US, British and Canadian forces, along with their allies from France, the Commonwealth and other allies paid a heavy price, but it's easy to forget the German side where ordinary conscripts suffered horrendous losses, particularly after the Allies broke out of Normandy. In the huge German cemetery of La Cambe where over 20,000 soldiers are buried, there is a plaque from the French Goverment that reads "A graveyard for soldiers not all of whom had chosen either the cause or the fight. They too have found rest in our soil of France."
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    I used to live in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Just north of Ft. Landerdale is a small town named Lighthouse Point. There's was a restaurant there called Cap's Place. It sits out in one of the waterways and can only be accessed by boat.

    There is a photo hanging on the wall that was taken when the powers involved were at the restaurant planning the invasion of Normandy. Winston Churchill was there, and the dignitaries were all sitting around a large wood table. That same table was still in that restaurant. I think it was a hangout for gambling and a good place to go for a drink during prohibition, but I don't remember the details of the history behind the restaurant off the top of my head.

    Quite a thing to see, knowing the impact this had on the world. I haven't been back in many years, but I would hope it's still there.

    The courageous men and women who fought in this war deserve the respect and admiration we give them today, because their actions back then have meant so much to the world.


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    I'm very lucky to have the D-day Museum in my backyard. They are doing an excellent job of preserving the history of that event and educating the younger generations. As well as promoting recognition and rememberance to those who served.

    I once had the opportunity to talk at length with a gentleman who was one of the leading troops in the Normandy invasion. He talked at length about what that day was like for him. His sense of patriotism and duty recounting those events was enougth to give me goose bumps and bring a tear to the eye. The fact that this very decent and courageous gentleman was African American and at the time had few rights as a citizen himself was well just.......

    Let's just say that my conversation with him is something I will never forget and he made a definite impact on me. I've thought about him often especially with the events over the last few years.

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