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    About the Connecticut Hearing
    Posted an update on the hearing in Connecticut on Affiliate Advocacy yesterday and provide a brief summary here as a courtesy.

    Anyway, I updated on Affiliate Adovocacy with a report from someone who was there (but did not testify, they were there as an observer)

    Essentially the Committee listened to testimony on both sides; local business owners/stores and also 1 or 2 Affiliates. There is also some written testimony that was submitted to Committee.

    The Committee has not yet voted, they do that afterwards. It appears like it will get a favorable report from the committee meaning they will suggest passing. This opinion is based on last year's stance from this committee. There was quite a bit of support last year and it has carried over.

    We need to keep working on it but also make sure you have some back ups for merchants likely to terminate (Big ones are Amazon, Overstock, Oriental Trading...)
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    Hi all.

    I just posted an update and call to action on a new post. Please please get involved now, I mean now as in 12 midnight or 8am in the morning. Read my post or PM me to help out and spread the word to as many CT affiliates as possible.



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