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    November 25th, 2005
    March Break Traffic
    Just curious - anyone else seeing a drop in traffic this week? I suspect it is due to everyone heading south for the week.

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    November 29th, 2005
    I had alot of sales and traffic for sevel weeks at some of my sites that ended around 2 weeks ago I guessing my sales were people getting ready for March Break and yes these sales have been down alot the last week or two.
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    November 20th, 2005
    Yeah, we've seen some slack in sales because traffic is a bit lighter - but not too bad.
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    November 9th, 2005
    I've seen a drop as well... I had a really strong week two weeks ago and sales have been decreasing since.
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    If your site targets that demographics then perhaps it makes sense, otherwise it could also be Caffeine rearing it's ugly head?

    Lots of talk now about it in the WMW forums.

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