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    cash back or no cash back
    Does anyone have experience with offering cash back? Is it a good idea? Is it very complex? Do merchants hate it? I know Amazon doesn't allow coupon sites to offer cash back.

    Please fire!

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    Cashback Is Great
    As a Consultant to an Agency representing a number of retailers in the USA and the UK I can tell you that cashback is more important than coupons alone and that cashback AND coupons mixed works brilliantly.

    Consumers really go for cashback and other offers combined and looking at stats from a number of retailers across many diverse sectors, conversion runs typically at one third. A sale every 3 clicks to merchant!

    I am always interested talking to cashback operators. Particularly high volume operators. I don't go with the enhanced commissions route that some may try to provide, instead I look at the fact that this marketing sector is highly prolific in conversion and with the right offer, a retailer can do extremely well and the cashback operator can make a lot of money too.

    Cashback for me is the most important affiliate sector.
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