With a small team of friends I am in the process of setting up an internet site and hope to develop some business around it. We aim at worldwide visitors base including the US as the site will be dedicated to music (mostly that sold by iTunes), will be located on a .com domain and will be in English language. When set-up we will want to join the iTunes affiliate program (it being understood that up and running sites have far better chances to be approved).

In order to optimise the efficiency of our IT works it would be most helpful to learn in advance:

1. a sample feed provided to iTunes affiliates (a single track feed, an album feed) by Linkshare and Trade Doubler
2. information on the structure of all iTunes feeds available by Linkshare and Trade Doubler (in particular whether or not feeds of all tracks sold by iTunes are available on a "single track basis" and how frequently could those be updated)
3. information how does the "split of markets" work between Linkshare and Trade Doubler so that we can set up mechanisms avoiding losses of user transactions as a result of the "split of markets".

Can anyone help with these please and share any information or experiences in relation to the participation in the iTunes affiliate program?

Many thanks.