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    [Split] Will Affiliates Jump At The Opportunity?
    Without trying to hijack the thread, I hope I can ask the reverse question...

    We plan to launch a Merchant site pretty soon in the business services sector. It is a new site, in what we think is a great niche. We are also attempting to make the site 100% loved by affiliates (basically by taking on the advice provided here).

    So does this mean that if we market our site correctly (which we also hope to do) plenty of affiliates will jump at the new opportunity? In other words, is there a real global thirst by affiliates for new Merchants products/services that truly mesh with affiliate marketing?

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    Moderator Note: I went ahead and split this out rather than taking the other thread off topic.

    Even if you do everything right, affiliates won't flock to your program. You have to actively recruit them. It will definitely help your recruiting efforts, though. If you aren't doing those things, many of the affiliates you try to recruit won't be interested (and probably won't take a second look when and if you do fix the problems).
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    Thanks Michael.

    We do plan to do everything right, as per the linked thread. The reason we are going slow on launch is to make sure these elements (along with a few other things) are right from the start. Actively recruiting is also on the agenda.

    Thanks again.

    By the way, I noticed somewhere on this site we need to contact ABW to join the dedicated Merchant's zone on ABW. Do I have to show a link to our site to gain access? Or is there another way of gaining access? We kind of want to keep everything under wraps until we have honed our offer. Happy to detail/discuss to the right person if required.

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