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    Post Closure of the eBay India Affiliate Program
    via email...

    As you may know, the India program on eBay Partner Network has been a private program for almost a year now. After careful consideration, we have decided to go a step further and close down the India affiliate program as of April 1st, 2010.

    From that date forward, publishers that are accepted into other eBay Partner Network programs besides India will no longer be able to see India in the user interface and will not receive any commissions for traffic driven to the eBay India site. For publishers that are only members of the India program exclusively, and don't drive traffic to any other country,, your eBay Partner Network account will be closed on April 1st, 2010. All impacted publishers will receive their final payment on April 25th, for traffic driven to eBay India up through the end of March.

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    I am working in the affiliate marketing industry for the last 2.5 years and also managing few US and UK based affiliate programs across various verticals and I found that many CPA programs don't accept Indians as affiliates.

    The latest news is that 01st April 2010 onwards eBay would not accept Indians in their affiliate network.

    I frankly want to ask everyone that why this type of partiality with Indians. Don't they have right to earn money online as thousands of US and EU people are earning.

    If you are talking about fraud people then I am sure that you will find more cases of affiliate marketing fraud in USA and EU as compared to India.

    I am not sure that eBay is hearing me or not, I would like to ask that what is the reason. Why they share their revenue with the people of the rest of the globe and not Indians.

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    I read it that the ebay India program is closing, not that all people from India are being removed from the entire ebay network.

    You may have a valid concern about networks not accepting indian affiliates, I don't know. But I think this is the wrong issue to use as an example.

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    Several months ago I remember there was a decent incentive to promote India's channel but when I went to the India site there were VERY few listings in most of the categories I would promote. So I don't think it's an Indian issue at all - I think it's an issue of inventory and lack of sellers participating. No one goes to a store when there is nothing there to buy! They were probably paying out more commissions then they were receiving in auction listing revenue.
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    If I understand correctly, they aren't removing affiliates from India from their Ebay Us channel. They are closing the Ebay India affiliate channel altogether.

    So if a US based affiliate was promoting the ebay India channel he/she will be affected too.

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