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    Bradford Exchange Checks
    I emailed bradford exchange back in december 2009 to let them know that both their coupons had expired and if they wanted to get some business they need to provide their affiliates with monthly coupons. I got a email back that said we will update this in 48hrs.

    Well its now March 17th 2010, 3 months later and still no update on coupons and those 2 still remain

    Like who the heck is managing that program?

    Their loss right now I will still with the other guys

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    Try emailing them again. I know some advertisers just need a little reminding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ParadigmWilliam View Post
    Try emailing them again. I know some advertisers just need a little reminding.
    You know what I have done 3 times and they still have not changed their coupons. So i have told them its their loss and replaced them with checksinthemail

    Like what a shabby affiliate program, to have to be reminded

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    I have a feeling this is a part time Affiliate manager .. or something along those lines ..

    I sent a message a while ago in regards to a newsletter that provided new coupon codes but with expired dates set incorrectly.

    Note the following:

    From: Bradford Exchange Checks
    Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 1:30 PM
    To: george p
    Subject: Bradford Exchange Checks January 2010 Newsletter

    Bradford Exchange Checks Affiliate Update
    Higher Commission Opportunities Earn 20% on sales!!
    January 2010

    Special Offers | New Banners | Search Campaigns
    Dear Affiliate,

    Special Promotional Offers!

    Special Offer Coupons - Expires 02/15/09.
    There will be an important message displaying on the top of the page ensuring your customers know that the coupon is in effect.

    "Buy One Box of Checks, Get One Box of Checks Free! Offer valid on top tear checks only"
    Your customers must shop thru this link to get this great deal:
    Buy one box of checks - Get one box of checks FREE
    Get Html

    "For New Customers Only - A Saving of 50% as compared to traditional bank checks"
    Your customers must shop thru this link to get this great deal:
    A saving of 50% as compared to traditional bank checks - For New Customers - Expires 3/15/09
    Get Html

    ** As a reminder, all other coupons will be expired. Please change your links accordingly. **
    Mistakes like this happen .. it was on Jan - they forget to change the 09 to 10 .. it happens ..


    Question for Easylife ..

    Did you get this newsletter?

    Also I havent seen anything else since this Jan newsletter ...
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    I get this message on the Bradford site when I click on one of my garden-variety datafeed links from them :

    "IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This pricing reflects the terms of your offer code. "

    So apparently some special offer is being applied with no need for any coupon code or special activation link up front. And they're converting just fine.

    It would be nice if they could clear up the confusion though.
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    I don't mean to butt into this thread, but thought I'd offer up a serious "tip" (albeit from a competing checks program). We sell a LOT of dog checks. In fact, dogs are the best selling niche within the personal checks vertical at GirlyChecks.

    Bradford Exchange has a truly wonderful selection of dogs. Bradford has dogs, 4Checks has dogs and GirlyChecks has dogs - but nobody has ALL the dogs. In this case, if you feature dog-theme checks on your site(s), we are not really competing - we are augmenting the product offerings for your site visitors/customers.
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