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    Hot News!! CPA networks *aren't* affiliate marketing! *sarcasm*
    I usually don't quote from emails I get from other "marketers" but this floored me - it came from someone that has "been around the block" with affiliate marketing and CPA networks and I can't believe I saw it in "print".

    (learn)The Difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Network campaigns and how to make the most out of each, as an advertiser.
    That was a bullet point in a sales email for an upcoming webinar. Later in the same email it *does* refer to CPA networks as being affiliate marketing.

    IMO, if merchants are approached with the above "sales pitch" to join that particular CPA network and run an offer, they are being mislead into thinking they are still ok with (for instance) being Shareasale exclusive, or that the cpa affiliates won't overwrite traditional affiliates links.

    I'm pretty sure the sender of that email will find his way here (he's not an ABW regular), I'd like him to see what you all think of his statement. I'm disappointed that someone with the kind of "influence" he has would say such a thing.
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    I think it's probably just a matter of terminology. What we typically think of here at ABW as affiliate marketing is physical products where we earn a percent of sales. CPA networks often deal with leads or non-physical products where you earn a flat fee. Both are affiliate marketing, but how you treat each, the types of fraud, promotion methods, etc. can be very different between the two.

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    I agree. Its just terminology. Both are affiliate marketing.

    There are quite a few pgms in the regular affiliate marketing channel which are lead gens, like dating services. The same dating services are also on most CPA networks.

    As an affiliate the promotional methods vary a lot. How you can promote a CPA offer is way different from promoting a product.

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