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Thread: Hackers Lurking in Hotel Networks

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    Exclamation Hackers Lurking in Hotel Networks
    Hi all,

    Please check out an interesting article on cyber-criminals targeting hotel networks. [Feel free to use this content to promote EncryptStick].

    Hackers Lurking in Hotel Networks

    Many frequent business travelers spend almost as many nights sleeping in hotels as they do in their own beds. The need to stay productive when youíre on the road means that travelers must rely on whatever means available to stay connected, even if itís an unprotected hotel wireless network.

    Itís not uncommon for even tech-savvy road warriors who pack their own EV-DO modems to simply hop on the hotelís network instead of using up their precious bandwidth allotment for the month.

    Unfortunately for the frequent flyers among us, recent industry research from TrustWaveís Spider Labs showed that hackers went after hotel networks more than any other destination in 2009, accounting for 38% of all known security breeches, more than the financial services industry (19%) and retail industries (14.2%) combined.

    To make matters worse, the hotels didnít discover that the breeches had even occurred for an average of 156 days, leaving plenty of time for the cyber-criminals to use stolen credit card information, or take advantage of the personal data harvested for any number of identity theft scams.

    Just this week, Wyndham Hotel & Resorts, operators of hotel chains Days Inn, Ramada, Super8 and Howard Johnson, reported that their central hotel network had been compromised, with hackers stealing customerís names, credit numbers and expiration dates.

    Read the rest of the article here.
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    wow, I always thought it would be so easy for someone to steal info from public wifi areas like hotels. They have low encryption usually and anyone can hop on.
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