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    Macy's - Big Affiliate Leak???
    I'm not a Macy's affiliate, but I read a blog today that appears to be something Macy's affiliates should be aware of and possibly investigate further.

    Macy’s Affiliate Partner or Competitor?

    "I was reading an article in Internet Retailer about how Macy’s was able to reduce affiliate program expenses with a coupon code diversion and decided to investigate further. As an affiliate marketer this peaked my interest and wondered how this might be impacting my ability to promote Macy’s."
    I'm not a Linkshare affiliate so am not saying whether or not the affiliate link is able to pass all the way through the sale process, because I don't know for sure and have not personally tested. But check out the screenshots in the link above and do your own due diligence.

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    I just searched and found the article that I think Michael must have been referring to. According to the article and Macy's comments - it sounds like this is indeed a leak designed to save Macy's from having to pay out commissions on a lot of sales.

    Tougher Customers

    "Making those codes easier to find means the consumer no longer has to search the web for those savings, Anderson says. And it also saves Macy’s the affiliate fee, typically 4-5% of the purchase amount. Anderson won’t disclose how much the change boosted sales, but says, “It was far larger than we thought it was going to be.”
    I understand why they are doing it, and I guess it makes sense to do this for customers who arrived at the site from Macy's own marketing efforts.

    However if an affiliate originally sent the visitor it's VERY unfair. I think it should be like some 800#s are programmed - if the visitor arrives via an affiliate cookie, the Macy's coupon banner and should be omitted from the site.

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    Just another example of greedy corporations who think they're the only ones who should earn a profit.
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    I guess I don't have a problem with Macys hosting their own coupon page, although it could potentially cut coupon affiliate sites out of the loop. My question is whether or not a customer clicking onto their coupon page and using one of their codes would void otherwise commissionable traffic?

    If a customer clicks on a non-coupon-site macys affiliate banner, and checks out using one of the Macys-provided coupons, would the affiliate lose credit for that sale? That would be a MAJOR leak, especially since they're encouraging customers to find "on-site" coupons mid-cart.

    Perhaps this explains why my EPC with Macys is absolutely terrible. I sent a note to the AM but would be surprised to hear anything back. Communication is not their strong suit.
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    You see more and more of this everyday with merchants. Its sad they are using these tactics.
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    Firstly I'm not an affiliate of Macy's but maybe I'm reading this wrong. This is the scenario I'm reading. Macy's sees a problem with customers coming to thier site finding what they want, leaving thier site to find a coupon and then coming back to buy. Their solution is to keep the visitor from leaving in the first place. They give the coupons to the customer so they won't leave and this affiliates who offer the coupons 'also' don't get a commission because the visitors haven't left to find them. I don't see this as a leak.

    For niche affiliates (and PPC etc.) this will give them actually help them. Look at this scenario, a person finds a product on a niche affiliate and clicks to Macy's but because the coupon codes are already on the Macy's site the affiliate keeps his commission as opposed to lose it to another affiliate who offers the coupons.

    Unless I am misunderstanding what was said I don't think there is a leak here. Macy's isn't resetting a cookie, it is simply removing the reason for their customers to leave their site before making a purchase. If there wasn't a cookie set before entering the Macy's site then how can their be a leak?
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    "Macy's isn't resetting a cookie, it is simply removing the reason for their customers to leave their site before making a purchase."

    That's the thing that needs to be found out for sure. If people clicking on those coupon links on their site is wiping out the affiliate cookie. If so, it doesn't matter if it comes from a coupon site or a product site or wherever.

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