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    I'm learning more about working with coupon sites and offering coupons and your forum has been a big help. My program has not offered coupons before, but is developing a plan to launch this effort in April. We have a few coupon sites in our affiliate program now and want to expand.
    What's the best way to get our coupons out there and develop new affiliate relationships?
    What types of coupons are most successful on your sites?
    Any additional tips you have would be helpful. Thanks!

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    You'll find depending on the products and the conversion on site and also how much time you personally are willing to put into developing relationships, that coupons can work but that they are a small part of an overall affiliate marketing strategy, that in itself should be fully integrated into the other channels.

    Whether you are looking at across site promotions, niche product or category specific, cross sell opportunities, high volume time limited promotions with core affiliates....

    I could go on.

    The complexity is immense. It all depends on what your business model is and what YOU are willing to do to really work WITH affiliates.
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